Generic Ativan

What Are The Side Effects Of Generic Ativan?

In today’s era, many people deal with the problem of anxiety. If you are also facing anxiety and want to get rid of this, then take ativan. This medicine is considered an ideal option for treating this health issue. Generic ativan is related to the drugs, which can make the person calm by acting on the nerves and brain. The procedure of taking this medication is not a difficult task as you are only required to consult with a pharmacist.

Side effects

This medication consists of a number of side effects, so you should always have the proper information about such things before taking it. When it comes to the common side effects, then there are so many things come forward. Some of the general adverse effects are listed below.

  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness

Get medical help

If you are taking this medication and also dealing with some symptoms of allergic reactions, then it is advised to take emergency medical help. There are a plethora of symptoms present of ativan, and some of them are –

  • Jaundice and upper stomach pain
  • Trouble swallowing and muscle weakness
  • Sudden excitement or restless feelings
  • Some sleep problems
  • Aggression and confusion
  • Changes in the behavior or mood

Apart from these side effects, some people want to know that whether they are able to take such medicine on a regular basis or not. Well, if there is a need for taking medicine, then it can be taken regularly by patients. You should take the suggestion from the healthcare provider because he/she will limit the required doses per day.


You should always tell the pharmacist when you are allergic to this medication or if you have some other kind of allergies. This medication may contain some ingredients, which can be the reason behind some health issues such as reactions or others. When you are going to start taking medication, then you should always tell the doctor about medical history. Not only personal history, but you are also supposed to discuss the family history.

The patient should take this medication with or without food, and the doses will depend on the age and the medical condition. Everyone always should consult with the doctor regarding this medication because if you are allergic to its ingredients, then it can also harm you.